Friday, 11 April 2014

Sagem MY- X3

The Sagem MY- X3 is within the group of economic models of cell that has sold more in Peru. It can be said that even dethroned Nokia 3390 on user preference of mobiles in the last 2 years. For its affordable price and all the virtues , should be focus of this review . And although suffice to say that was the center of that campaign Tim " The Cell of the Month" , there are actually plenty to say this " terrain " of the company Sagem .

Has ability to play all kinds of ringtones, polyphonic , monophonic , real audio , and if you prefer , bring a musical composer to create your own melody . It has all the basic functions in one device: alarm clock and calculator, calendar , games, vibrating alert , sms, internet browser , even entertaining animations. Its design is nice and very durable.